I’m Drinking An Egg Right Now

     I stayed up all night watching films of @moRocca and @TomBodett playing on "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me." At around 4:00 AM I realized that, no matter how hard I try, I can't beat those guys, and I climbed out of bed and ran around Philadelphia. Have you seen the body of knowledge on those two guys? I can't do it.

     "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" for those of you who don't know, is a weekly news/quiz show made by NPR and heard on many public radio stations. Each week three panelists compete for the title of most informed about the week's news. The host, Peter Sagel, asks the questions of the panelists, listeners who call in to play, and a guest who is quite famous for doing something, but not the thing that Peter asks him about. 

     Although most people tell me that they listen to the podcast of the show while jogging, many hear it while driving little Dylan to soccer or doing the dishes. Some people tell me their entire family listens together. I picture The Waltons. Then there are those who come right to the theater where we tape the show, which we mostly do in the basement of the Chase Bank in downtown Chicago, which holds about five hundred. About once a month we travel to a bigger stage in a different city, and always a terrific audience shows up there as well.
     Tonight we're throwing in yet another way to check out "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me." We're taping the radio show so people can listen and jog to it, same as usual, but also, using several cameras, it'll be broadcast live into movie theaters around the country. It's called a cinecast.
     I happen to hold the record for losses on "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me." I was hoping, though, that this could be a turning point for me, and that there, on that big screen, while people all over the country ate popcorn and Mason Dots, I could score point after point. Peter Sagel would raise his eyebrows and stammer, "My gosh, that IS correct!" and people in movie theaters all around the country would SEE his eyebrows raise. Carl Kassel, the announcer and official score keeper would leap up and down. He might even fall to the floor and speak in tongues, although I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt.
     Last night, though, while watching tapes of @TomBodett and @moRocca, I realized I can't do it. Those guys were simply born into the world knowing more about current events than I. I'm not a quitter, though. I tore out of my hotel room and ran through the city streets and as the sun began to rise on a misty morning in Philadelphia, I set myself the challenge of coming in third. I'll do whatever it takes. 
     The first thing I gotta do is get myself to New York. I seem to have flown into the wrong city.
     Here's the link for tickets  

Paula Poundstone

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