Occupied By Thoughts

Lately now, I feel like Norma Rae, when she tells her husband,
who complains about her busy schedule, that he can have sex with her
while she does the dishes. Except I am not a labor organizer, I don’t
have a husband, and I really need to concentrate when I do the dishes.
I like a busy life, but I’m beginning to wonder if I’m not just
spinning my wheels. I hear a lot of people make jokes about the
“Occupy” movement, but I sure admire them. Sure it’d be great if they
articulated a list of realistic demands, but until they are able to do
so, they’re certainly bringing attention to the fact that not all
Americans can be pacified into just accepting a banking system that is
woefully unfair. Good for them. I’m working my ass off, and will
probably never do anything that important.
I vacuum a lot, which is not likely to bring about social change.
I get up everyday trying to give my kids what they need to become
productive adults, while making a living telling my little jokes, but
sometimes there’s something of substance that seems to be missing.
You go, you occupiers.


  1. BradyDale says:

    Way. To. Go. I saw your “fracking” tweet and got curious about what else you were up to. Well said. I’m a long time organizer and once upon a time I would have been very excited about Occupy. Now… I’m just quietly in Solidarity, and that’s where I’m going to stay,
    but what they are doing is really important. And the fact that they are eschewing “demands” may end up being the most powerful statement of all. Everyone understands what Occupy is about. It’s about a lot of things. No need to put it all down on paper or argue over the wording. We know. and they are really doing it.
    Way to have their back.

  2. Once I was single again, I started volunteering in nonprofits that resonated with my soul. I found that missing element of my life.
    On another thought, you make me laugh. Multiply that by a few hundred million and the ripple effects of all of us laughing and bringing positive energy to our families and friends… Wow. Yours is a life well lived.

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