Chef Inspired Soups

Our Von’s grocery store has a case of soups, not far inside the
store, that bears the sign: CHEF INSPIRED SOUPS.
I’ve bought some of the soups before, not because I thought they were
“Chef Inspired,” but because I don’t cook, and I didn’t yet realize
how chock full of fat and salt they are. That too may have been “Chef
Inspired.” I don’t know. I didn’t even notice the sign the first time
I bought them. I have no idea what it’s supposed to mean. I would
imagine that these soups are made in a factory, like any other. I
guess, though, that if you were to pull one of the factory workers off
of the line and ask them, “What are you thinking about while you run
this soup conveyor belt?” He’d push the elastic of his shower cap back
slightly on his forehead, look off in the distance, and say wistfully,
“A chef.”


  1. all240s says:


    If you can find it, try “Baxters” brand of soup. It’s made in Northern Scotland (maybe 10 or 20 miles east of Elgin, which is the town where those three smart ass kids were in the Public Library the day I was there — very untypical of the kids I usually meet in Scotland). The soup is very good, quite natural, and not a lot of fat or salt. I’ve been to the “factory” , and the soup is pretty much small batch, with a genuine “homemade” taste.


  2. laugh4ever says:

    Paula, maybe a Chef walked by the soup section and the mgr. thought he had a great idea and called it in to the factory.

    Maybe the word : “Inspired” is meant to be Non-Committal. You know, Not going all the way, but just a meer Hint of a fragment of a Thought. Just a “WWWhisper” of a Good idea. Just in case the soup sucks. Can I say that? sorry for using the S word.

  3. laugh4ever says:

    Paula, Another “Inspired Chef” product except this one is called “Top Chef” Inspired – a Healthy Choice frozen Cafe’ Steamer: Grilled CHicken Marinara with Parmesan. There’s even a chef knife between the words Top and Chef (cleaver).
    On the flip side of box you see only the Hands of a Chef – May be as (Inspired) chef with No toro, head, etc. On the Chef is cutting fresh parsley,purple onions,tomatoes, beans with the phrase “Exclusive line of dishes… Bold, Innovative and Exciting flavors. Since when is a favor Innovative or Exciting. Let me list some of these exciting flavors: Isolated soy protein, Modified food starch, carragunan (???), dextrose, sodium phosphates, potassium chloride, carmel color,enzymes, food starch, and xanthan gum. Are you excited yet??
    It should say: “Chemically Inspired” on the box. The only good thing I can see is that it only takes 4 1/2 minutes to cook.

    ps,Stamped on the side of the box “Best if used by: Mar 15, 2013″!!!!

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