Chef Inspired Soups

Our Von’s grocery store has a case of soups, not far inside the
store, that bears the sign: CHEF INSPIRED SOUPS.
I’ve bought some of the soups before, not because I thought they were
“Chef Inspired,” but because I don’t cook, and I didn’t yet realize
how chock full of fat and salt they are. That too may have been “Chef
Inspired.” I don’t know. I didn’t even notice the sign the first time
I bought them. I have no idea what it’s supposed to mean. I would
imagine that these soups are made in a factory, like any other. I
guess, though, that if you were to pull one of the factory workers off
of the line and ask them, “What are you thinking about while you run
this soup conveyor belt?” He’d push the elastic of his shower cap back
slightly on his forehead, look off in the distance, and say wistfully,
“A chef.”


  1. margeaux says:

    I got a new cat after all these years. Its 7 am Ive had two hours of sleep help

  2. bonzai1poundstone says:

    long time enjoyer, first time writer. Thanks for all the laughs and the quirkiness.
    Maybe your fan club members should be called “enjoyers!” Although saying “I’m a Paula Poundstone enjoyer!” could conjure up many different visions in people’s minds. :)

  3. I would think that it’s better than “Chef Perspired Soups.” Although, I suppose that might explain all the salt and the fat.

    I always apply the Paula Poundstone culinary test to see if I’m a chef or just some shmuck eating over a sink, “Let’s face it, if you’re using more than three steps, you’re cooking.”

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