Grass Valley, California

Grass Valley is a lovely place. The crowds were terrific. I got
to spend some time in the town today. There are lots of antique
stores, and vendors of local art, weavings, blown glass, and ceramic
figures. If you shop here you dust a lot. It’s quaint. They have
quaint stores. They have quaint restaurants. August is County Fair
month. They’ll serve quaint on a stick.
I got food at a deli run by a tall blonde woman who encouraged me
to take a bag because the bags and the “to go” containers were
biodegradable. She said you could even bury the bag in the ground, and
in two weeks it’ll disappear, and it’s fun to watch. My Saturday show
sold out in Grass Valley, so they added a show, which I had felt
pretty good about until I found out the people here watch
biodegradable plastic break down for fun.

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