How To Raise And Train Your Brain

I was talking to a Neuropsychologist yesterday, and I learned
something so fantastic, I thought I’d pass it along. Here it is: When
you get scared the blood runs from your head into your body to fuel
your fight or flight response, and guess what, you can’t think. That’s
why, if you stop and breathe deeply, you recover. You give oxygen to
your blood, and bring it back to your teeny-beany.
Gee, whenever someone has told me, “Relax, and take a deep
breath,” I just found it annoying, condescending. It’s like, “Have a
nice day” or, “Thank you for shopping at Ralph’s” Or there are those
types of woo-woo people who talk about breathing in and out, and
loving everyone, but you never see them out of the house, testing that
philosophy with a car mechanic of a Best Buy salesman. Loving everyone
works fine in a room full of of aromas, herbs, and candles, but try it
in a parking garage. I’ve always trusted my sheer brawn over breathing
deeply. I can tell you, though, that when I get lost driving I get to
a point when I can’t tell if numbers are going up or down. I often get
so frustrated I have turn off the cd player, and yell at my kids. This
breathing thing is so crazy it might just work.


  1. flora ramey says:

    Recently my boss told me that ‘perception is reality’, so everyone is expected to present as benignly as possible so that we will be perceived well. That might make sense if everyone is breathing properly in the first place.

  2. flora ramey says:

    Personally, I find it useful and informative to pay attention to what people say when they are distracted and hypoxic. For instance, an equipment rep recectly argued about giving a thorough inservice on a peice of equipment he delivered but after I perceived that his reasons for ‘making it short and sweet’ were flimsy and I persisted with logical responses to his claims and insisted on thorough inservice and follow up he relented and grudginly stated that that ‘wrecked his date with his fiance’.
    Later I found out that he perceived that I yelled at him (for which he made a backside-saving complaint)which I can only attribute to his breathtakinly emotional response to being asked to complete his job. Had he not been hypoxic and blurted out grudgingly that I was wrecking his date with his fiance I might not have ever understood, finally, that his expectation for me as a female was that I would go all mushy and lose my spine and let him off the hook and ‘wing it’ with the equipment once I perceived the greater good I would be accomplishing by giving in to love’s promise………..

  3. vernonmarsh says:

    I don’t know if it’s really the oxygen. Anger management strategies include the deep breath thing and a few others that all seem to involve pausing to think of something else, like breathing. Maybe it’s just getting disengaged that does the trick.

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