My son has another project due for which a “video report” was an
option. The last one of these nightmares was his math video. I’m sure
the teacher offered a choice of many mediums. He could use paper
mache, a mobile, a poster with markers that smell, a puppet show, an
oral report, something instructive with felt board, etc., but my son
always chooses the “video report.” When he told me he was doing a
video project for math, I told him that if he was filming himself
doing math homework he’d have to make a sequel, because no one else
could watch it in one sitting. I also recommended a tight shot on the
part where he bangs his head on the book.
HIs current video report is on a battle between the Greeks and
the Persians. He wants to do it as a news report, but he doesn’t want
to write a script. He thinks he can just stand in front of the camera
and talk, even though the last history report he did that way turned
out so bad that he decided not to turn it in (I didn’t say a word). If
he hasn’t learned that this is not a good way to do his report, I
don’t think there is much hope that the lessons of history will stick
with him.
I did my sixth grade specialty report on the Supreme Court. I
spent months on it. I learned that the Supreme Court is a part of the
Judicial Branch of our government. I don’t know how I managed to
stretch that information into a successful oral report, but I did. I
think I said “Uhm” a lot. I used posters for my visual aid. Any
artistic talent I may have had at the time didn’t make it onto the
orange poster board that I chose for my presentation. My father looked
at my work, and decided to do the posters himself. I don’t recall
being offended. In one he drew a baseball game, and labeled the umpire
the “Supreme Court”, and he labeled the various baseball positions the
lower courts, I think. I never knew what it meant. I only knew that
the Supreme Court was a part of the Judicial Branch of our government.
I didn’t know what the Judicial Branch of the government was.

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