It was only the second day back to school after Spring break, and
I overslept. I was told that the postage to ship my cds would be one
dollar and fifty-six cents, so I bought fifty, dollar stamps, and one
hundred, twenty eight cent stamps. Later I found out from the post
office that the postage would be one dollar and fifty-one cents. I
proudly made sixty copies of my beautiful Spring themed ping-pong
party invitations before 10:00AM. Around 2:30PM a friend called to ask
me to change the date of the party because it fell on the same night
as the middle school casino night fundraiser. I was told by someone
providing medical care for my son that his insurance was not going to
cover his expenses, so I tracked down the insurance company, who
assured me that the coverage was in good shape. Then I was told by the
care provider that he had been confused, and that what was really
happening is that his office would no longer accept my son’s
insurance. I made a goofy little film of me just talking in the
backyard, and I hastily put it up on You tube, my new website, and
Facebook. I linked to it on Twitter. Someone Twiittered me to tell me
that the punch line had been left off. Sure enough, I had somehow
managed to cut off the beginning and the end of the little piece.
I often think about that song that Rudolph’s girlfriend sings in
the Rudolph The Reindeer classic television special: There’s Always
Tomorrow For Dreams To Come True. Tomorrow I’ll be putting stickers
over the date on sixty invitations and writing in a new one. I am not
just a misfit.

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