Consumer spending was up 0.3% in February, and guess what, that
was the month my daughter and I went backpacking in the mountains. I
spent a ton of money on equipment. Honestly, .15% of the increase may
have come from my trail mix investment alone. Hold your thanks. I
embarrass easily.
Spring break for my kids started officially today. Why do we have
Spring break? Isn’t it so that the children can help with the
planting? I don’t have any farm land. My kids are hoping to spend most
of their vacation tattling on one another.
“Mom, Toshia is looking at Manga on the computer instead of doing
her homework.”
The worst part is that they make one syllable words into two
syllable words.
“Mo-om, Thomas didn’t finish the dishes. They’re not even dry-y.”
“Mo-om, where are you going?”
“To buy a plow and some seed.”

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