Even In A World With People Called Hutos And Tootsies, Neda Ulaby Is A Weird Name

This is my first time writing on my new website, and I’m very
intimidated. It reminds me of when I first opened my brand new MARY
POPPINS coloring book. Even as a child I knew that going out of the
lines was inevitable for me.
I’m in the Holiday Inn Express near JFK. I got here about an
hour ago. Last night I told my little jokes in Keene, New Hampshire.
This morning I took a five hour train ride from Brattleboro, Vermont
to Stamford, Connecticut, where I was picked up and driven to a hotel
in Ridgefield, Connecticut. I grabbed a bite, threw on a stunning
stand-up comedy outfit, and headed out to the theater to work.
I’ve beewn alone with my thoughts way too much. My head is
exploding, and I’ve written a lot of lists. Neda Ulaby’s name is
really bothering me, and somewhere in the midst of the train ride I
realized I know nothing about the story of the Lindburgh baby
The crowd was wonderful tonight. I talked to a man in the
audience who worked as a carpenter. He told me that he and a partner
had a job building a barn, and that it had taken four months. Today,
he said, they completed the doors, and the only thing left to do is to
put on the doorknobs. When I asked him when he was going to put on the
doorknobs, he said, “Tuesday.”
“Why not Monday?” I asked.
“Because I’m starting another job on Monday,” he said.
That explains so much.
I’ve been avoiding the television in my hotel rooms the last
couple of days, because I don’t want to hear any more about the
healthcare bill. I want them to pass it, and get it over with. At this
point, hearing the words, “healthcare,” is making me sick. I did hear
yesterday that the Congressional Budget Office just said that the bill
can save us some trillions of dollars. Wow! How come they just now
came up with that? I think that might have moved the debate along a
year ago . I think I understood that we can insure something like
thirty million more people, and save trillions. Am I missing
something? Isn’t that good?
I’m gonna be honest with you. I have never understood the
healthcare debate. I just finished reading a book about Bernie Madoff.
It turns out that a lot of people invested with Madoff just because
they felt comfortable with him, and people said the returns were good.
Obviously, no investors actually knew the nuts and bolts of it. I’m
like that about the healthcare bill.I simply gravitate to Obama, and
I’m repelled by Sarah Palin, and the Tea party people.I admit it’s not
an intellectual approach.
The very fact that the Tea Party people call themselves the Tea
Party people bothers me. Taking the name of a beloved, historic,
courageous, group of revolutionaries strikes me as a bit arrogant, and
I don’t really see the parallels. We don’t have a king. We vote. We
have representation. And there’s no tea involved. Sometimes I think
maybe they don’t mean the Revolutionary War tea party people, they
mean the Mad Hatter tea party people.
It’s 3:00AM. I’d better go to bed. They vote tomorrow. I hope
they pass it. I’m can’t wait to get my share of the trillions.

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